Eloping – Why Eloping is Making a Comeback

The number of folks eloping recently has been on the rise. At one time, eloping was thought to be something a couple had to do if they had accidentally become pregnant or if their family did not approve of the marriage. This is no longer the case. Nowadays, many couples are choosing to elope for a number of reasons that do not involve trying to keep their love secret.

Busy Careers

One reason for the rise in elopement is the busy careers many couples have today. Traditionally, the bride did most of the planning with the help of her family while her groom-to-be went out, worked, and started preparing for the responsibility of having a family. Today, both men and women have careers that they cannot put on hold in order to plan a wedding. Planning and having a wedding can be a time consuming endeavor. In addition, these couples often have high demands placed on them at work and they simply do not want to add one more thing to a plate that is already full by taking on wedding planning.

Money Saving

Whether the couple is just starting out or if they have already established their life plan, it is always nice to save a little money. Many couples are deciding they would rather spend the money that would have gone toward a wedding on other items, such as a down payment on house or college tuition. For many couples, the thought of spending thousands of dollars on a day that will come and go in a flash is just seems ludicrous, particularly when there are better things to spend the money on.

Time Saving

Planning a traditional wedding takes time, and few folks have that additional time. Even for those that are not heavily involved in their careers, family demands and other stresses make the thought of devoting time into preparing for a wedding overwhelming. Although elopement does require a little planning, it is not nearly as demanding of time as planning a traditional wedding. For couples that already have children or that are bringing children into the marriage, the demands of raising kids often leave little time for wedding planning.

Stress Reducing

There is no doubt that wedding planning can be stressful. An elopement relieves the stress of trying to pick out the perfect caterer, finding the best decorations, and figuring out how you are going to keep a room full of your family members from fighting and arguing. Many couples experience an extreme amount of stress during wedding planning, to the point that some weddings are cancelled or postponed. Couples looking to have a stress free wedding that focuses on their love rather than the image they present to the public are more inclined to consider eloping.


Running away together to be alone and getting married before announcing it to the rest of the world has a certain amount of romance to it. In addition, eloping makes it easier to go to a fabulous destination that has special meaning to you.


There is no doubt about it that eloping can be fun. Saving money by forgoing the traditional wedding, couples have more cash to spare for an elopement in an exciting destination. Without the worries of entertaining guests, couples can spend more time just enjoying one another’s company.

More Meaningful

In some ways, an elopement can be more meaningful that a traditional wedding. With a traditional wedding, much of the couple’s time and energy is spent entertaining guests and talking to friends and relatives. When a couple elopes, all of the time is time shared with each other with no distractions. Couples are also free to have their wedding just as they want it rather than being afraid of how others will react to their wedding ceremony.


Some couples simply do not like being the center of attention in front of possibly hundreds of friends and relatives. For these couples, eloping is a great option. There is no sense of “all eyes are on me” or feeling a need to put on a show for the sake of others. For those that prefer to remain low-key and out of the limelight, eloping is a great option.