Alternative Lifestyle Dating Sites

It used to be that people would join online dating sites with the sole aim of finding Mr. or Ms. Right. However, with the change in our attitudes towards adult dating, niche dating sites have sprung up catering for those who are not necessarily looking for long term relationships. Judging by the huge membership base, there is a definite market for adult dating services which is growing by the day.

If you are looking to hook up with someone for short term fun or a no strings attached type relationship, then an adult site is the place to be. They still provide the same advantages as an online dating service, including anonymity, matching and safety. On top of that, they also allow members to zero in on just those who are looking for the same thing any other member is looking for.

These new breed of alternative lifestyle dating sites are an emulation of the offline newspaper style personals ads or adult magazines, with listing after listing of potential partners and playmates.

Although there are some people who do not want to provide one, a photo is a must on adult dating sites. Without a picture, the chances of getting a date are next to zero. You need to get over any hang ups about retaining complete anonymity or not being able to compete in the looks department. A picture will at least give you a chance and as you will see, many of those that do provide photos, do not all have the looks of catwalk models and movie stars.

One important point to be aware of is the fact that adult internet sites are notorious for attracting huge numbers of bogus members. Photos are posted with invented profiles with the sole intention of attracting visitors to porn sites and other adult related products.

Although some sites do the best they can to keep these fake profiles to a minimum, it is a near impossible task to prevent them altogether. Things like investigating the source of the photo or checking out the linked site can go a long way to limit the abuse but not prevent it totally, due to the sheer numbers involved. Consequently, it is a question of buyer beware.

Taking the idea of adult dating sites one step further, there are numerous lifestyle dating sites that cater for a more specialized audience. These web sites are primarily populated by couples or those looking for group, swap or same gender hook ups,

The initial idea behind these adult sites was to offer couples, married or otherwise, a way to put some variety into their lives by swapping partners. The audience soon expanded with some couples looking to add one partner for a lesbian or gay hookup, or for a threesome.

In days gone by, face to face meetings used to be arranged in a safe, low stress environment. Couples spent some time getting to know each other and then decided whether to take things that one step further. However, in this technological age with such things as online video, web cams and so on, initial meetings are now done without leaving the confines of your home.

Whichever method you choose, the same cautions still apply. Get to know those you are about to meet, by exchanging enough emails or chat messages to weed out any inconsistencies in someone’s story. Use a phone that cannot be traced back to your address, and never give out your workplace or home address. Make sure that first meeting takes place somewhere that you feel comfortable in and can easily walk away from.

If you’re looking for fun and adventure, that’s great but make sure that the adventure doesn’t become something out of a TV crime show.